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When my kids were growing up, I tried to feed them only “real” foods. Our family loves to indulge but I wanted it to be made with real ingredients. Whenever they asked for a treat, I would look at the label and refuse them anything with unpronounceable artificial ingredients. 

My children and I spent summers in Switzerland, visiting family, hiking in the beautiful mountains and eating tons of chocolate! Every summer we’d go home with a carry-on suitcase full of delicious Swiss chocolate. One summer my eldest son asked, “ Why do we only buy chocolate when we’re in Switzerland?” I told him that it was because the chocolates were made with real wholesome ingredients, so they were treats we could enjoy eating.


That’s when we came up with the idea to create our own delicious chocolates using only the best ingredients! My kids came up with the name ‘MOO’. We got to work sourcing quality ingredients and tried different ideas until we perfected the first ever MOO bars! 

In September of 2009, we started selling MOO Chocolates to stores in New England. 


I hope you enjoy them as much as we do.


Have a MOOvelous Day!

why moo?

certified organic

No chemicals fertilizers, pesticides, or chemical food additives used in our products.

rainforest approved

We take great care in sourcing our ingredients in a safe and responsible way to conserve biodiversity and ensure sustainable livelihoods.

non-gmo sources

Organic MOO bars are Non-GMO. Non-GMO means that a food is
free from genetically modified organisms.

all natural ingredients

Nothing hidden or unpronouncable here, just true simple ingredients. Minimally processed food.
No artificial ingredients.

premium chocolate

We only use the finest chocolates to create our delicious bars and we take great pride in choosing the best as our first ingredient.

baystate organic

Learn more about MOO’s Organic certifiers Baystate Organic.

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